About OUR team

We are a group of avid gamers who share a deep love for PEPE, the iconic frog. As dedicated meme enthusiasts, we are committed to taking the popularity of our beloved Pepe to the next level. Our goal is to create a new saga featuring Aqua Pepe, the frog in an Aquaman avatar. We are thrilled to announce that we will be launching a new game soon, which will showcase the unique and entertaining world of Aqua Pepe. Our team is excited to bring this innovative concept to life, and we can't wait to share it with our fellow gamers and Pepe fans around the world.

John evans

John is a veteran game developer who has worked on several popular mobile games. He is also a crypto enthusiast who has been involved in several meme coin projects. He is responsible for leading the vision and direction of Aqua Pepe.

Founder & ceo

Bob Lee

Bob is a creative marketer who has experience in launching and growing online communities. He is also a meme fan who likes to follow and participate in meme trends. He is responsible for marketing and promoting Aqua Pepe to potential users and investors.

Co-founder & CMO

jane CoopeR

Jane is a skilled programmer who has expertise in blockchain technology and smart contracts. She is also a meme lover who enjoys creating and sharing memes online. She is responsible for developing and maintaining the Aqua Pepe game and token.

Co-founder & CTO

The time has come to hold the reign

the green saga begins now